Guaranteed Penis Enlargement device!

Penis enlargement is a topical debate these days because it poses an interesting problem. On one hand, a lot of men think that their penis cannot be enlarged and that all penis enlargement products are scams. On the other hand, it’s getting impossible to ignore the huge amount of medical evidence that penis enlargement has indeed worked for many satisfied customers. That’s why so many men are torn between their disbelief and cynicism and the very real desire to get a bigger penis that would make them feel better about themselves.

Some penis enlargement products are safe, recommended by doctors and clinically proven to be effective. Penis extender devices, also known as stretchers, are the most effective products on the open market, provided they are the genuine article and medical quality, of course. (visit SizeGenetics for a top rated medical penis extender)

The basic principle behind stretchers focuses on the ability of the human body to adapt to gradual, constant pressure. Traction is used widely in modern medicine, as a way to promote new tissue growth and medical experts have applied the same theory to penis enlargement with great success.

Thus, an extender device that keeps the penis gently stretched beyond the normal flaccid size increases the penis’s ability to hold more blood, resulting in longer and thicker erections as well as improving the non erect size.

Medical experts and extensive testing have proved that penis enlargement stretchers do increase penis size. Clinical trials have shown beyond doubt that penis stretchers can add inches in length and improve the thickness of the penis. While it’s true that not all men respond to these devices in the same manner, it’s pretty safe to say a user can see one, two or three inches added to his penis with 6 -12 months use.

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